Now Building Eagle Brook of Wrentham


DiPlacido Development Corp. commenced operations in 1992 as a residential building company concentrating on single family homes. Since that date, we have developed over 375 home sites and built over 300 dwellings in Southeastern Massachusetts.

Residential Development

By bringing raw land through the permitting process, constructing the infrastructure, and building single family residential homes, we have integrated a multitude of construction phases that result in quality neighborhoods that are attractive, efficient and affordable. Through a concerted effort in planning these neighborhoods, we have set aside over one hundred acres of protected open space. In most instances, this is land that is undisturbed and in large tracts which is conducive for wildlife as well as passive recreation.

Commercial Development

In recent years we have expanded our core business to include commercial development and construction as well as commercial renovation. We now consider ourselves a complete development company that is capable of producing neo-traditional, mixed-use neighborhoods. These developments promote walking, passive activities and nearby shopping for everyone’s convenience and enjoyment.

Energy Efficient Homes

In an effort to keep operational costs to a minimum for future homeowners, DiPlacido Development Corporation delivered its first Energy Star home in 2000. With positive comments from homeowners, we have built over 175 Energy Start homes and will continue to build them. In 2003, in a broadened effort to conserve energy and build efficiently, we were proud to construct the State of Massachusetts’ first approved Energy Star solar home.